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Lifetime No-Contact Injunctions
Due to legislative changes, a new lifetime no-contact injunction is available for certain crime victims starting September 24, 2022. This type of injunction is different from an injunction against harassment and is not available through AZPOINT. A lifetime no-contact injunction is valid for the duration of the defendant's natural lifetime and can only be dismissed under the specific circumstances set out in ARS § 13-719.

At Sentencing

The court will issue a lifetime no-contact injunction if (1) the victim or prosecutor makes a request at the time of sentencing, and (2) the defendant is convicted of an eligible offense. The lifetime no-contact injunction does not expire and becomes effective immediately upon issuance.


Sentenced Before 9/24/2022

A victim may request a lifetime injunction if a defendant was sentenced for an eligible offense prior to September 24, 2022. The victim must file a petition and confidential victim information sheet with the sentencing court. If the court issues the lifetime no-contact injunction, it becomes effective upon service on the defendant.