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Welcome to the Leadership Institute website!  From this homepage, you can find information about our 3 leadership development programs: the Arizona Court Supervisor (ACS), Arizona Court Manager (ACM), and Arizona Court Executive (ACE). 

Click on the title of each program to learn more about what the program entails and how to apply.


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ACS: AZ Plus Capstone and Graduation
07/12 - 07/14/2017

ACS: Supervisor's Role in Effective Caseflow Management

ACS: Human Resources Management

ACS: Essential Components of Probation Supervision
10/30 - 10/31/2017

ACM: Project Management for Courts
08/02 - 08/04//2017

ACM: Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts
09/13 - 9/15/2017

ACE: Leadership
08/09 - 08/11/2017


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