Arizona Court Supervisor (ACS)

ACS Application

To register for the Arizona Court Supervisor series, you must fill out and submit the 
Registration Application


Frontline court, probation and detention department supervisors, new supervisors and managers in the court system or personnel interested in strengthening supervisory knowledge and skills in anticipation of taking on supervisory duties in the future are eligible to participate in the Arizona Court Supervisor program. Participants must currently be a judicial branch employee. 


Complete an Arizona Court Supervisor (ACS) program application.  Admission requires approval of one’s court or department supervisor or manager.   


Program Requisite:

Participant must:

  • Complete the entire ACS program within three years of their enrollment date. Once the 3 year term has expired the participant will be dropped from the program.  If this occurs, the individual must reapply and complete all coursework again.
  • Complete at least one ACS Skillsoft online self-paced class per 12 months to remain current. Inactive participants will be notified in writing and given a 30 day extension from the date of inactive notification to regain active status, or be removed from the ACS program.  If this occurs, the individual must reapply to continue coursework.

Once you have been admitted to the program, please watch this Welcome Video for instructions on how to get started.   - (Video currently unavailable)


Supervisors complete supervisory training at their own pace via webinars, online self-paced courses, and face-to face classes held throughout the year at the Education Services Division, Judicial Education Center (JEC) in Phoenix.  Registration for real-time classes is on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning 2 months prior to the class start date.  Participants are responsible for checking the class calendar regularly to enroll in face-to-face classes. There is no fee to attend; however, participants are responsible for their own travel and per diem.  


All required program curricula is listed on the ACS Checklist below.  (Please download a form.)


ACS Checklist
(Revised  2019)

Download the ACS Checklist and keep it in your records.

  WORD   |    PDF  


Arizona Court Supervisor Required Coursework: 


  • Transition to Role of Supervisor  (Introductory Course)              
  • Supervisory Ethics

**Participation in the ACS webinars requires an Internet-connected workstation equipped with a headset or  speakers and a microphone.

Face-to-Face:  (Classes held at Judicial Education Center, in Phoenix) (NO FEE REQUIRED)

  • Human Resources Management (one day classroom)
  • Supervisor's Role in Effective Caseflow Management (one day classroom)


Probation Endorsement:

  • Human Resources Management (one day classroom)
  • Essential Components of Probation Supervision (1½ day classroom) 
    (In lieu of Supervisor’s Role in Caseflow Management course)


  • Arizona Plus Supervisor Capstone(two-day classroom)
    Upon successful completion of all other coursework on the ACS Checklist and submission of all necessary documents to the Education Services Division, eligible participants will be invited to attend the Arizona Plus Supervisor Capstone.



Self-paced Online Classroom:
The self-paced online classroom comprises 16 courses: 12 Supervisor Essential Skills (Skillsoft) and 4 Core Functions courses (download an ACS Checklist).  Click on each course below and download the corresponding worksheet to complete. 


Participants will be issued a Skillsoft user license as part of their acceptance into the ACS Program. Please keep the acceptance email containing your user ID and password for future reference.

Supervisor Essential Skills: (Skillsoft coursework)


·         Business Coaching (2 classes)

·         Effective Management: Creating Successful Solutions
·         Conflict Resolution (2 classes)  

·         Managing Effective Business Meetings

·         Building the Foundation for an Effective Team
·         Motivating Your Employees
·         Encouraging Team Communication & Collaboration
·         Time Management: Avoiding Time Stealers

·         Managing Change (2 classes) 


Core Functions (Non-Skillsoft Courses):  
·         Historical and Contemporary View of the Courts in Government and Society (VIDEO)

·         Developing a Strategic Plan & Justice for the Future (VIDEO)
·         Legal Advice vs. Legal Information (Computer-Based Training) 

·         ACS:COOP and Court Security (Video 2.0 hours)