Arizona Court Manager (ACM)


Eligibility: Participants must currently be a judicial branch employee, and;

  • Be a second-level manager, senior supervisor OR
  • A participant who has completed the Arizona Court Supervisor (ACS) program.


To apply for admittance to the ACM program, complete and submit a program application to [email protected].                                              (Choose the appropriate application below.) 

Court/Department Application:

Admission requires approval of one’s court or department head—typically the presiding judge, chief probation officer, juvenile court director, clerk of the court or superior court administrator AND the individual responsible for funding approval (court/dept. paying the certification fee, travel costs, etc.) if not the individuals listed.  

ACM Application (rev. 2024)


To register for the Arizona Court Manager program, DOWNLOAD, complete and submit:

 Court/Department Application








AOC Staff Application:  

Admission requires approval from the AOC employee’s division director and the AOC Director or Deputy Director. 


ACM Application (rev. 2024)

(AOC Staff)

To register for the Arizona Court Manager program as an AOC Employee, DOWNLOAD, complete and submit:
 AOC Staff - ACM Application







Course Location: Classes are held in person at the Judicial Education Center (JEC) at 3003 N. Central Ave., 5th Floor, Phoenix, AZ, 85012.

Class Enrollment: Once admitted to the program, participants will receive the passwords to enroll in classes. Class Enrollment is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis. Participants are responsible to check the website often for updated class information and registration postings. 

  • All classes for the calendar year are posted on our homepage: and class information can be obtained from the links. Once registration is open, enrollment can be completed using those same links. Participants are encouraged to contact [email protected] for assistance.


Program Requirements: Participants must complete the entire ACM program within seven years of the first class being taken. Once the 7-year term has expired, classes older than 7 years will require the individual to retake the class for credit, and repay the $100.00 national ICM certification fee.

  • To remain active in the program, a minimum of one class each 12 months is required. Participants who have not completed a class within 12 months will receive a written notification from our staff about their inactivity.
  • If no classes are completed for 12 months following that notification, participants will be removed from the program. If this occurs, the individual will need to reapply to continue their coursework.

Courses consist of six National Center for State Courts (NCSC) Institute for Court Management courses. Information on each of the ICM courses can be found at Certified Court Manager Certification (CCM) | NCSC. Each of these classes are 2.5 days in length. 


Additionally required classes are two Arizona-specific AZ PLUS courses and a Capstone. There is no charge for these classes:

AZ PLUS—Manager:

  • ADR/Specialty Courts (3 hour class - normally following the Caseflow & Workflow Management course)
  • Managing Diversity (3 hour class - normally following the Workforce Management course) 
  • Capstone (appx. 1.5 day course):  Civil Case Management; Inherent Powers; The Court's Role in the Community; Judicial Selection; Election Issues/Political Activity; Jury Management; Court Records: Retention Methods, Public Access & Privacy; Probation Trends in Arizona; Governance & Administration of Justice; and Court Management Functions - Performance Improvement: Managing the Core of our Business. 

Travel and per diem are the responsibility of each individual and / or their court. Tribal court employees are subject to additional program fees. Please contact Education Services ([email protected]) for further information.

Certified Court Manager (CCM) Certification: There is a $100.00 ICM fee per each of the ICM courses. Once you have successfully registered for each course, an invoice will be sent by Julee Ewy Bruno ([email protected]). Payment must be received one week prior to the start of class.

NOTE: The ICM Certified Court Manager (CCM) certification must be obtained prior to the ICM Certified Court Executive (CCE) certification. This also applies if participants are planning to attend the Institute for Court Management Fellows program. Please contact us at [email protected] for further information.