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The Court Leadership Institute of Arizona (CLIA) is committed to bridging academic theory and public practice. Faculty members have experience in Arizona courts and are regularly involved in community service, training research, and/or consulting with state or local courts. At the same time, they are scholars who view public affairs as a subject for analysis and evaluation in a broad social and historical context. As CLIA faculty, they bring their ability to reflect critically on practical experience to the design of academic programs. Faculty accomplish this not by merely adding current case studies to reading assignments, but by regularly recasting the questions addressed by the program in light of contemporary public concerns.

Faculty Pages:

Dyhanna Anderson Kip Anderson  Hon. Louraine Arkfeld
Shelly Bacon
Kent Batty 
 Stewart Bruner
Dave Byers Kim Cantoni
 Karen Ferrara
Gabe Goltz 
 Karl Heckart  Don Jacobson
Janet Johnson  Deb King
 Phil Knox
Aaron Nash  Tony Olivier   Rick Rager
Marcus Reinkensmeyer 
 Jeff Schrade
 Jim Scorza
Hon. Roxanne Song Ong   Amy Wood  

Faculty Resources

Here is a video overview on teaching an ICM course at the Judicial Education Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  The video is about ten minutes long and provides information for ICM faculty about what to expect when teaching.  


For a FullScreen version of the video, click here: