Arizona Judicial Branch




A Public Meeting of the Corrections Officer Retirement Plan Local Board for the Superior Court was convened Tuesday, February 3, 2015, at 10:10 a.m., Conference Room 109, Arizona State Courts Building, 1501 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona.


Board Members Present in Conference Room 109:

Kevin Kluge, Chair; Mark Smalley; Jason Hathcock


Board Members Attending via Conference Call:

Rob Lubitz


Board Members Absent:

Phil Hanley


Also Present: 

Annette Corallo, Board Secretary; Leticia Chavez, Recorder


Call to Order:


Approval of the Minutes:


January 6, 2015, Public Meeting Minutes

January 6, 2015, Executive Session Minutes


MOTION: A motion to approve the January 6, 2015 Public Meeting Minutes and Executive Session Minutes was made by J. Hathcock.  Motion was seconded and passed unanimously; minutes stand approved. CORP 2015-12


Approval of Normal Retirement Benefits:


The Local Board may consider and vote on the approval of Normal Retirement benefits for the following applications or defer decision to a later date:


Shari M. Barrett

Leone J. Brambila

Jose R. Carranza

Catherine S. Dryer

Brigid A. Jastrzebski

David L. Portrey

Judith A. Simons

Donald F. Thompson



The Board Secretary advised that the effective CORP retirement dates for the applicants are:  November 1, 2014, for Donald F. Thompson; January 1, 2015, for Shari M. Barrett and Catherine S. Dryer; February 1, 2015, for Leone J. Brambila, Jose R. Carranza, Brigid A. Jastrzebski, David L. Portrey and Judith A. Simons.


Board Member Jason Hathcock asked, since PSPRS will not retroactively pay a pension more than 90 days after the date of retirement, whether Mr. Thompson, whose effective date was
November 1, 2014, would not receive payment for one month.  The Board Secretary stated that when the calculations were being processed with the help of PSPRS, there was no mention that he would not be receiving a payment for one of the months he’s been retired.  The Chair stated that he believes the 90-day retroactivity limit applies to 90 days from application and confirmed that Mr. Thompson submitted his retirement application in December 2014.


MOTION: A motion to approve the payment of Normal Retirement benefits to the following applicants in about the following amounts, effective as indicated for each member, was made by M. Smalley.  Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.  CORP 2015-13


Shari M. Barrett:                 $4,061.01 effective January 1, 2015

Leone J. Brambila:                  $2,615.17 effective February 1, 2015

Jose R. Carranza:                 $2,338.96 effective February 1, 2015

Catherine S. Dryer:                 $2,893.50 effective January 1, 2015

Brigid A. Jastrzebski:               $2,753.98 effective February 1, 2015

David L. Portrey:                 $4,588.12 effective February 1, 2015

Judith A. Simons:                 $1,883.68 effective February 1, 2015

Donald F. Thompson:           $3,556.63 effective November 1, 2014


Status Update:  Membership Audit


Pursuant to the Board’s direction at the December 2, 2014 meeting, the Board Secretary sent an email to Todd Zweig, Chief Adult Probation and Interim Juvenile Court Director, to notify him that 15 Pinal County members were asked to repeat their physical exams due to the Board’s inability to retrieve their original exams from Concentra.  Mr. Zweig agreed to have the 15 officers retake the physical examination. So far, four exams from the outstanding 15 have been received.


At the Board’s January 6, 2015 meeting, the Board requested that the Board Secretary try to make verbal contact with Ms. Alisa Bryant, the one outstanding employee from Maricopa County and possibly send a follow-up email to the phone call. The Board Secretary advised that she was able to speak with Ms. Bryant via telephone and that Ms. Bryant is now aware she must complete an exam. An email was also sent to Ms. Bryant as a follow up to the phone call.


Regarding the 2014 annual audit the Board authorized at the September 9, 2014 meeting, the Board Secretary advised that the review of Local Board records against PSPRS has been completed and there were only 27 discrepancies, including the 11 remaining in Pinal County from the 2013 audit. The Board Secretary advised that she will work with the counties individually to resolve these.






Acknowledgment of CORP Physical Pre-Existing Conditions:


The Chair noted, for the record, that the physical examination report for member
Tracy Wensel identified one or more pre-existing conditions.  The Board approved Ms. Wensel for membership at the December 2, 2014 meeting.  A physical examination report was received after a 60-day notice was sent to her.


Acknowledgment of CORP Physical Exam Final Letter:


The Chair noted, for the record, that a physical examination report for Ventura Montez was not received within 60 days of receipt of his membership application and that a final letter requesting an examination was sent via certified mail on January 15, 2015.


Approval of Membership:    


The Local Board may consider and vote on the approval of the following requests for membership or defer decision to a later date:


Beamon, Chris



Bryant, Alisa



Campos, Simon



Evans, Harold



Falletich, Vanessa



Figmaka, Theresa



Fuller, Teresa



Meger, Michael



Montez, Ventura



Pimber, Lizette



Romero, Ramon



Schilling, Dave



Short, Adam



Starkey Bryson, Jessica



Villareal, Sade



Ward Jr., Jerome




The Board Secretary advised the Board that member Adam Short retook his physical exam and after receipt of the new exam, his original physical exam performed in 2012 was received.  Mr. Short’s 2012 exam did not list a pre-existing condition, whereas his second exam did.  Due to the Board now having on file Mr. Short’s original exam, the Board Secretary recommended that the Board not include Mr. Short as a member with a noted pre-existing condition.


MOTION:  A motion to approve the 16 applicants listed on the agenda for this meeting for membership in CORP pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-893.D and to note for the record that the physical examinations for Chris Beamon, Simon Campos, Harold Evans, Teresa Fuller, Jessica Starkey Bryson, and Sade Villareal identified a physical or mental condition or injury that existed or occurred before the member’s date of membership in the plan was made by R. Lubitz.  Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.  CORP 2015-14


Status Update: 2015 CORP Election


Board member Jason Hathcock’s term will expire on June 30, 2015.  Pursuant to A.R.S. §38-893, the Board must conduct an election to fill that position on the Board effective July 1, 2015.


The Board Secretary advised that pursuant to the Board-approved Action Plan, the Local Board Office has ordered and received the mailing labels and nomination ballots, and will begin preparing a mailing the week of February 9, 2015. The Election Announcement was also distributed to the County Chiefs and Directors, and posted on the Board’s website on January 26, 2015.


Board Member Jason Hathcock advised that the Maricopa County Chief Adult Probation Officer had not yet sent out the Election Announcement to the Adult Probation staff. The Chair recommended that the Board Secretary follow up with the Maricopa County Chief Adult Probation Officer so that all officers can participate in the election.


Board Member Jason Hathcock also advised staff of a website they may want to consider to hold future elections online.


Call to the Public:


No members of the public addressed the Board.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.