Local Board Process Matrix

The Local Board Process Matrix outlines routine CORP membership and benefits actions and the entity responsible for processing or determining an outcome for those actions.

Determine line-of-duty death benefits   X    
Review requests to remain in ASRS/CORP   X    
Process disability retirements   X    
Determine whether positions qualify as CORP-designated*   X X  
Determine if return-to-work CORP retirees are still eligible to receive pension*   X X  
Determine if return-to-work retirees are in a CORP-designated position and ACR is required*   X X  
Determine new hire membership eligibility   X    
Notify employer of intent to retire X      
Member submits retirement applications to     X  
Superior Court HR submits retirement applications to       X
Provide retiring Members benefit estimates       X
Process normal retirements       X
Process deferred annuity       X
Process survivor benefits       X
Determine death benefits - lump sum distribution       X
  • *Superior Courts must notify the Local Board when a CORP retiree returns to work. The Local Board will evaluate if a retired Member's pension payments may continue and if the Superior Court must pay the CORP alternate contribution rate (ACR) on behalf of the Member. Please reference the Retiree Return to Work FAQ for guidance.
  • *Superior Courts must notify the Local Board if a position not specified in the Joinder Agreement is to be evaluated for qualification as CORP-designated. The Local Board will assess the position and determine if it qualifies as CORP-designated.