Arizona Judicial Branch

Automation Services Unit

The Automation Services Unit (ASU) assists Arizona trial courts in enhancing the quality of justice with  improvements in court operations, financial processing and statutory reporting through the use of automated systems and tools.  The unit is made up of court process experts who provide business and technical analysis, 2nd level support on statewide applications, and training.  Patrick McGrath is the Manager, and Melanie Cluff is the Deputy Manager.

ASU staff work on the AJACS and AZTEC Systems, and perform services such as:

  • Requirements and Design Work for new or enhanced applications.
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Implementation and Post Production Support
  • Application Training and Documentation
  • Data Clean Up Assistance
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • 2nd level Support for AZTEC and AJACS

2015 - 52nd Legislature, 2nd Regular Session - Changes to AZTEC
DO NOT complete the below steps for changes to AZTEC if the AOC maintains your database, these have already been completed for you.

These steps are provided to assist those courts that update their own database.

1) AZTEC Charge Table Changes – provides a quick reference list of charges, organized by bill number, indicating new active charges and deactivated
2) AZTEC Charge Screens– provides a detailed list of charges in screen shot format, similar to AZTEC
3) Changes to be added to the penalty schedule –  provides screen shot information for entering charges to highest penalty schedule
4) Event Service Code - provides screen shot information for entering new event/service codes

State Agency Finance Department Addresses 
DUI Sentencing Chart and Juvenile DUI Sentencing Chart Effective 1/1/2016 
DUI Sentencing Chart and Juvenile DUI Sentencing Chart Effective 1/1/2015 
DUI Sentencing Chart and Juvenile DUI Sentencing Chart Effective 07/24/14 
MVD and the Courts Manual 
MVD Memos and Policy Updates