Arizona Judicial Branch

CSD Administered Grant Funds

The Court Service Division manages special projects as assigned by the Supreme Court and administers the following grant fund programs:

Alternative Dispute Resolution Fund (ADR) - These funds are used to help courts establish, maintain and improve local, regional or statewide alternative dispute resolution programs.

Case Processing Assistance Fund (CPAF) - These funds are used to help courts process criminal and juvenile delinquency cases.

Fill the Gap - Funds are used to provide consulting assistance and direct aid to improve criminal case processing at the superior and justice court levels.

Judicial Collection Enhancement Fund (JCEF) - JCEF monies are used by courts to improve collection and management of money owed to the court. These funds are also used to fund automation projects that improve case processing.

Public Defender Training Fund (PDTF) - A.R.S.§12-117, provides money to public defender offices for training.

Title IV-D Case Processing Fund - These funds are used by the Superior Court to improve and enhance the processing of IV-D cases.

Traffic Case Processing Fund (TCPF) - TCPF funds are used by courts to implement programs that will expedite processing of traffic cases.