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Automation Services and Training Unit
Using automated systems and tools.

The unit assists trial courts in enhancing the quality of justice by improving court operations, financial processing and statutory reporting through the use of automated systems and tools. The unit provides business & technical analysis, 2nd level support on statewide applications (AJACS and AZPOINT), and training.

  • Subject-matter experts for new or enhanced applications
  • Acceptance testing
  • Implementation and post-production support
  • Application training and documentation
  • Data clean up assistance
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • 2nd level support for: general, financial, calendar, sentencing, and protective orders
  • Troubleshoot MVD and criminal history reporting
  • Maintain statewide violation standards

State Agency Finance Department Addresses

DUI Sentencing Chart and Juvenile DUI Sentencing Charts

MVD and the Courts Manual (Updated 11/2023)

New Warrant Form in AJACS 2021

DO NOT complete the steps for changes if the AOC maintains your database, these have already been completed for you.
2023 - 56th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Changes to Database 
No Item Description Note Effective Date
1. Charge Table Changes provides a quick reference list of charges, organized by bill number, indicating new and deactivated charges.   10/30/23
2. Charge Screens Provides a detailed list of charges in screen shot format.   10/30/23
3. Penalty Schedule Updates Provides screen shot information for entering charges to highest penalty schedule.   10/30/23
4. Event Code Updates Provides reference guides for new event/service codes. Note: courts should map new event codes to Event Entry Code field.  updated 10/03/2023 10/30/23
5. Financial Updates Provides reference guides and screen shots for new financial codes.   10/30/23
6. SB1206 Trucking Code Updates Provides summary of title 28 violations and federal trucking code violations changes pursuant to SB1206.   10/30/23
7. Federal Motor Carrier Violations Workbook Excel workbook provides the criminal traffic trucking codes that will be turned-off pursuant to SB1206.   10/30/23
8. Juvenile Agency & Cost Type Guide Provides guide to standalone assessments, fees, and reimbursements to turn-off and/or train court staff to not assess on juvenile case pursuant to SB1197.   10/30/23
9. Juvenile Financial Matrix Matrix of eligible cost types on Juvenile cases by offense effective 10/30/2023 pursuant to SB1197.   10/30/23
10. Civil Traffic Presumptive Fine Worksheet Court workbook to provide the presumptive fine amount for traffic violations. LJ AJACS only 10/30/23
11. SB1310 Dangerous Defendant Automation Updates. 2022 Legislative Session- Delayed Effective Date. GJ only 01/01/24
Bulletin Board
DUI Sentencing Chart and Juvenile DUI Sentencing Chart

2023 Legislative Update Presentation 

SB1197-2023 Juvenile Offense Eligible Cost Types Tool (Excel Document) 
2023 Juvenile Justice Sentencing Reform (SB1197) Video
Dangerous Defendant Process (2022 Delayed Effective Date Bill SB1310)