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This on-line training resource and information site is designed to provide training coordinators with easy access to judicial training and development links. Use this site to obtain orientation materials, update existing training manuals, view administrative guidelines, register for courses, access on-line tools and resources, view calendar of events, and much more!

2014 COJET Compliance Report

The 2014 COJET Compliance Report is  featured below in both Excel (current) and Excel  97-2003  formats, which contain supporting documents (Instructions, Non-Compliance and Exempt listings). Click on the highlighted link to access one of the forms below. Before completing the form please save it to your desktop. 

 2014 COJET Reporting Form (Excel) 

 2014 COJET Reporting Form (Excel 97-2003) (for older systems)

 2014 COJET Reporting Preparation

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