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Bench Bar Survey

Appellate Bar and Trial Bench Survey

Appellate Bar and Trial Bench Survey: the percentage of attorney members of the appellate bar and trial bench judges who believe that the appellate courts are delivering quality services in the following areas: judicial review and management of cases; the Supreme Court rule making process and the Supreme Court’s oversight of the administrative functions of the Arizona trial court system. Surveys are conducted on a biennial cycle.

Combined Survey Results

Trial Bench and Bar Survey Results
    FY 2013 and 2015 Trend Survey Results
    FY 2015 Survey Results
    FY 2013 Survey Results

Court Specific Questions
    FY 2013 and 2015 Trend Results
    FY 2015 Trial Bench and Bar Court Specific Questions
    FY 2013 Trial Bench and Bar Court Specific Questions