Arizona Judicial Branch


Overview of Probate Resources

Probate cases present a challenge to courts across the country.  They require a high degree of oversight to protect and prevent mistreatment of protected individuals and their property.

The term “Probate Court” is used generically to reference the court that hears not only estate probate and intestate matters but also a variety of other cases that traditionally involve filings in the areas of guardianship, conservatorship, elder fraud, and physical abuse.

This site provides many tools and resources for those with cases in Arizona’s Probate Courts:


       Commonly Used Terms to Assist In Navigation of the Site: 

  • Ward – a person who has been declared incapacitated by a court 
  • Protected Person – an individual who is not declared incapacitated but needs assistance 
  • Guardian – responsible for the well-being, medical, and personal decisions of a ward or protected person 
  • Conservator – responsible for the assets of a ward or protected person 
  • Personal Representative – responsible for handling the assets of a deceased individual 
  • Licensed Fiduciary - individuals or businesses managing the financial affairs, medical decisions and other vital matters of an incapacitated or protected person
  • Non-Licensed Fiduciary – family members or other unlicensed individuals responsible for financial affairs, medical decisions or other vital matters of an incapacitated or protected person

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