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Updates for Fiscal Year 2015

The Quarterly Revenue Survey will transition to a Monthly Revenue Survey for Fiscal Year 2015. This is to help the revenue survey become more in line with other financial reporting and to eliminate the need for courts to consolidate multiple months into a quarterly format. The log in for the new website will be the same as the previous website. However, if you have any difficulties logging in or navigating the new website please contact us.

The website transition from quarterly to monthly will occur on August 6th 2014, after this date any past due quarterly surveys will no longer be available to be entered or modified. If you need to complete or make amendments to any FY 2014 surveys, please contact us at or call Josh Welker at 602-452-3584.

The monthly surveys for FY 2015 will become due by the last working day of the following month. For example the July 2014 monthly survey will become due by the last working day of August.

The instructions below have been updated to reflect the new monthly reporting format as well as changes from the recent legislative session. If you have any other questions, please contact the Research & Statistics team at or call us at 602-452-3584.


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AJIN Users - Use your regular PC log in, for assistance contact the AOC Support Center

All Other Users: A log in will be issued by the Research & Statistics Team. To get set up or help with logging in, please contact or call 602-452-3584.

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