Annual Court Expenditure Survey

The annual expenditure survey is completed by each court and probation department at the end of every fiscal year. Per ACJA 1-701 the expenditure survey is due 30 working days following the close of the fiscal year. Working days exclude weekends and state holidays. The expenditure data collected is published in the Annual Data Report. For more information regarding the annual expenditure survey, please contact [email protected].

FISCAL YEAR 2024 DUE DATE: August 12, 2024 

To complete the annual expenditure survey for your court, please use the forms and instructions below.

Please email completed expenditure survey forms to [email protected]

Expenditure Survey Forms

Appellate Courts- Excel Form

Superior Court Clerk- Excel Form

Superior Court Administration- Excel Form

Probation- Excel Form

Juvenile Detention- Excel Form

Justice Courts- Excel Form

Municipal Courts- Excel Form

Expenditure Survey Instructions

Superior Court Instructions

Limited Jurisdiction Court Instructions

Probation Detention Instructions