Seniors & Probate Law

Arizona Attorney General Senior Service Center addresses health care concerns in the event that a senior citizen becomes unable to make those decisions for themselves. This site includes general information about Arizona laws related to incapacity and provides forms with instructions for Durable Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, Pre-Hospital Medical Directive, Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney, and, Letter to my Agent (Representative). has information about civil legal issues, organizations that provide free legal help to low income clients, and other resources for people who can’t afford an attorney. Self-help instructions and forms are available to download for people who want to help themselves and for legal aid advocates who want to assist their clients.

Arizona Revised Statute, Title 14 is the section of Arizona law covering a decedent's wills, trusts, estates, guardianships and protective proceedings.

Law For Seniors is a website which provides contact information for the many services and legal information available to Arizona seniors. The purpose is to act as a starting point for older residents to know options, rights, laws, benefits, and special services available. The site was created by the Arizona Bar Foundation with the specific goal of providing a guide to seniors on laws, policies and procedures which frequently change.

Fiduciary Licensing Program is designed to help ensure that Arizona's elderly, mentally incapacitated and other vulnerable citizens have trained and certified individuals managing their financial affairs, medical decisions and other vital matters.

Probate Forms are designed for persons who are representing themselves in court.