March Meeting Materials

No. 1        Review and Approve November 2015 ARC minutes ARC minutes


No. 2        Review, Discussion and Possible Vote on Pending Rule Petitions

a.      R-15-0041 (State Bar Discipline of Former Judge)

b.      R-16-0012 (Supreme Court Supervision of Legal Specialization)

c.      R-16-0013 (State Bar Mission and Governance)

d.      R-16-0014 (Confidentiality of Medical Records – Admission’s Process)

e.      R-16-0015 (Telephonic Participation in Inquiry Panel Hearings)

f.       R-16-0023 (Changes to the Discipline, Disability and Reinstatement Processes)

g.      R-16-0027 (Ethical Issues Arising from Medical Marijuana Laws)

h.      R-16-0029 (Oath of Admission-Lawyer’s Creed)

No. 3        Review, Discussion and Possible Vote on Pending Legislation

a.      H2219 Supreme Court Attorney Licensing

b.   H2221 Attorney Regulation; Assessments; Membership Dues

No. 4      ARC Annual Report Assignments and Deadlines