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Distinguished Service Awards

The Arizona Judicial Branch Distinguished Service Awards honor Individuals, projects, and teams who have made outstanding contributions to improving public trust and confidence in the Arizona courts system. The winners are honored at the annual judicial conference. One award is presented in each of the following categories: Outstanding Contribution to the Arizona Courts Award, Judge of the Year Award, Administration of Justice Award, and Outstanding Pro Bono Service Award.

2023 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Presiding Judges of Arizona

Mr. Jerry Landau, 2023 Outstanding Contributions to the Arizona Courts recipient with Chief Justice Brutinel and Vice Chief Justice Timmer.

Judge Greg Sakall, 2023 Judge of the Year with Chief Justice Brutinel and Vice Chief Justice Timmer.

Administration of Justice

Mr. Jeff Fine, 2023 Administration of Justice Award recipient with Chief Justice Brutinel, Vice Chief Justice Timmer, and Dave Byers.

Mr. Frederick Petersen, 2023 Pro Bono Service Award recipient with Chief Justice Brutinel and Vice Chief Justice Timmer.

2023 Distinguished Service Awards Program