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Arizona Judicial Branch

Pending Opinion Requests

2020   Status 
EO-20-0001 (Information to Successor Counsel) Proposed Opinion filed with Supreme Court   
EO-20-0002 (Tape Recording) Under Committee review
EO-20-0003 (Bankruptcy Financing) Under Committee review 
EO-20-0004 (AMMA) Under Committee review
EO-20-0007 (Candor and Client Perjury) Open for Public Comment
EO-20-0008 (Email Tracking Tools) Under Committee review 
2019   Status 
EO-19-0003 (Non-lawyer with Mandatory Reporting) Under Committee review
Supreme Court Order 9-14-20
Supreme Court Order 9-29-20  
EO-19-0004 / 0005 / 0007 (ER 1.15(f))    Proposed Opinion filed with Supreme Court 
EO-19-0010 (Online Reviews) Open for Public Comment


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