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Recruitment Announcement

TO: Interested Persons
FROM: Certification and Licensing Division
RE: Board of Nonlawyer Service Providers Member Recruitment

The Arizona Supreme Court is currently seeking interested candidates for appointment to the Board of Nonlawyer Legal Service Providers ("The Board"). The Board is comprised of eleven volunteer members appointed by the Chief Justice for three-year terms. The Board meets every other month to consider and make decisions regarding certification and disciplinary matters involving Legal Document Preparers and Legal Paraprofessionals. Applications are being sought for the following Board position:

Public Member - Open to anyone.

Additional Member - Open to anyone.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Legal Document Preparer Program by email to [email protected] or the Legal Paraprofessional Program at [email protected]. Interested persons may submit a resume and an application form to:

Certification and Licensing Division
Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts
[email protected]
1501 West Washington, Suite 104
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Fax: (602) 452-3958