AZ Plus ACE Capstone (1 ½ days)

 “Addressing Leadership Challenges into the Future”


Balancing Judicial Independence and Interdependencies”

Learning Objectives:

· Demonstrate an understanding of judicial independence and how its interpretations impact local structure and relationships.

· Describe the need for, and how to manage the interdependencies of local government.

· Discuss how to balance judicial independence with accountability to, and

· cooperation with, others.

· Understand methods for developing relationships and resolving issues

· collaboratively with other entities.

· Understand when and how interdependent relationships with other governmental

· agencies should be formalized



  Learning Objectives:

· Discuss need for, and challenges in, providing effective court security.

· Outline best practices for emergency management.

· Describe need for emergency plan and collaboration with others.


“Security and COOP”

Learning Objectives:

· Assess the adequacy of the court’s facility as to overall space, space utilization, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, safety, security, environmental comfort (including use of circulation zones).

· Demonstrate knowledge of key design issues for constructing new courtrooms or redeveloping new administrative spaces.

· Evaluate business practices to identify ways to increase facility efficiency and formulate mid- to long-term plans for court facilities.