AZ PLUS—Manager
  • Managing Diversity (½ day) - This  half-day course focuses on understanding and placing value on diversity in the work place.  The development of strategies to coach a diverse workgroup is one of the goals of this course.
  • Specialty Courts (½ day) - This half-day course covers the situations where alternative methods for resolving criminal and civil cases are preferred over traditional methods.  The class describes some of the “problem solving courts” currently being used in Arizona and the practices and principles which govern their operation.
  • Capstone: The AZ Plus Capstone is designed to be the final course in the Arizona Court Manager Program (ACM), building on knowledge and skills previously obtained in the 6 ICM-ACM classes and 2 “Arizona Plus” half-day classes.  For questions about your eligibility to attend this program, contact Tony Cornay at 602-452-3014 or send an email to [email protected].

    The Capstone (3-day program) covers Governance, Inherent Powers, Leadership, Civil Case Process, Jury Management, Records Management, and Probation Management.