Retirement Resources

                   Plan Tiers                                                            Request an Estimate

CORP Matrix of Plan Provisions


Tier One

(Hired Before January 1, 2012)
*  20 years of service
*  10 years of service + age 62
*  Age + years of service = 80


Tier Two

(Hired on/after January 1, 2012)
*  10 years of service + Age 62
*  25 years of service + Age 52.5


Tier Three

(Hired on/after July 1, 2018)
DB Plan Members Only
*  10 years of service + Age 55 


Complete a Retirement Estimate Request Form       

Email completed form to PSPRS


                   Retirees Returning to Work

Notice of Retiree Return to Work 
Retiree Screening Form

Completed forms to be submitted by Superior Court
Human Resources to the Local Board for review

Retiree Return to Work FAQ

This FAQ provides guidance on statutes, information,
and rulings regulating the employment of CORP retirees


                   Retiree Health Insurance

Health Insurance Overview

As a retiree of CORP, the benefits available to you
vary depending on your membership tier