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Virtual Hearings
Attending a hearing in-person or virtually.

Courts exist to give citizens a fair and trustworthy forum to have a grievance or infraction examined and resolved. Still, we know most people do not want to go to court. These days it has never been more convenient and court staff is motivated to help you through the process.

Some proceedings will be held in-person and others may be scheduled as remote or virtual appearances. Courts use the word virtual to indicate that you are not physically present in the courtroom. A remote or virtual hearing may be held by telephone or video. Whether you attend in-person or virtually, it is considered being in court and the same rules of conduct apply.

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Will your hearing be held in-person or can you attend a virtual hearing?

Arizona law now gives any party in an eviction case the option of attending by phone or video rather than in-person. Evictions actions are presumed to be held virtually but you may also appear in-person if you wish.

There are some case proceedings which are required by state law or rule to take place in-person. If your case is scheduled to be held in-person and you wish to appear virtually let your court know as soon as possible. Not all cases are eligible for this, and your request may be denied.

Many other case types are presumed to be held virtually as well, but not all. Unless you are told otherwise, you should expect to appear remotely instead of in-person for these kinds of hearings. Court staff will provide the virtual access information if you call or email in the 24 hours before your hearing. If your case is scheduled virtually and you wish to attend in-person, you may do that without getting court permission first. Just be sure to check in at the lobby window 15 minutes before your scheduled time.


Did you know that some court hearings may be held virtually? Find out more about virtual hearings and watch our videos on the technology needed, handling physical evidence, and preparing for a virtual hearing.