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2022 Required Data Element (RDE) Checklists

All submissions complete for this phase. Thank you.

Please submit on or before January 31, 2023, per Administrative Directive 2022-12 

Note:  AOC staff will be completing the 2022 Checklists for all Limited Jurisdiction AJACS courts.  Maricopa County Justice Court Administration will complete the 2022 Checklists for their justice courts.

  • Link to LJ Court Civil Case Type 2022 Checklist
  • Link to LJ Court Criminal Case Type 2022 Checklist
  • Link to LJ Court Traffic Case Type 2022 Checklist
  • Link to GJ Court Civil Case Type 2022 Checklist
  • Link to GJ Court Criminal Case Type 2022 Checklist
  • Link to GJ Court Traffic Case Type 2022 Checklist - Not required for superior courts without traffic case filings
  • Link to GJ Court Probate Case Type 2022 Checklist
  • Link to GJ Court Family Case Type 2022 Checklist

 Please contact Laura Ritenour for further information at 602-452-3675 or [email protected]


Required data elements for courts are promulgated to ensure the quality, completeness, and consistency of Arizona court data across the judicial branch for case management, allocation of resources, and data integration projects between the courts and other justice system stakeholders.  We want to identify and report on the data that judges and court leaders find most useful and ensure the data that is required for data integration is being collected correctly. We hope to improve the accuracy of our court data with effective training and auditing.

For years, courts around the country have shared concerns about data consistency, data quality and data misinterpretation by outside groups and the media. The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) in consultation with other organizations developed the National Open Court Data Standards, abbreviated as NODS.  Please click on the NODS graphic above to be taken to NCSC's NODS webpage.

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