Operational Reviews (CORE)

The Court Assessment, Court Operational Review Evaluation (CORE) and Post Review Technical Assistance staff conduct evaluations of limited jurisdiction courts in order to maintain accountability and public trust in the Arizona court system, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Court evaluations assist the Arizona Supreme Court in fulfilling its mandate as specified in Article VI, Section 3 and Article VI, Section 7 of the Arizona Constitution, to "have administrative supervision over all the courts of the State."

A Court Assessment, which is not as comprehensive as an operational review, is an abbreviated analysis limited to specific court processes.  The processes analyzed may vary depending on factors such as targeted areas of concern and/or the reason an assessment was conducted.

A CORE review is conducted to determine whether the limited jurisdiction courts are complying with applicable statutes, ordinances, rules, orders and standards and if they are fulfilling their judicial responsibilities and mandates.

The purpose of Post Review Technical Assistance is to assist limited jurisdiction courts to achieve compliance with the findings set out in the CORE report.

The three areas assessed and evaluated are as follows:  Administration, Case Management, and Financial Management.

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