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Attorneys, litigants, and the public are encouraged to check with their local courts for local practices and advisories. Please verify before going to a courthouse. Local court information is available at the following websites:


What are Arizona courts doing?
Arizona courts are more frequently disinfecting door handles, elevator buttons, and surfaces in the courthouse.

Court users are encouraged to use available hand sanitizer dispensers and to follow good hygiene practices: wash your hands with soap often, avoid touching your face, and cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of your elbow (not into your hands). Members of the public who are not required to be in court are encouraged to not enter the courthouse.

Check with your local court for options on filing documents, paying court costs, and reporting to probation.

I am not feeling well. Who can I contact regarding my upcoming hearing?
If you have a scheduled hearing, contact the court assigned to hear your case.
I am not feeling well, and I have been called to jury service. Who can I contact?
Please contact the court as soon as possible using the information on the jury service cards or summons you received. If you have lost your jury contact information, contact the court assigned to your case. If you received a jury questionnaire, make sure to complete it and return it.
I need to file a protective order, but I have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. What do I do?
Contact the court assigned to your case for more information.
Has the health emergency changed the statute of limitations or filing deadlines?
No. The Arizona Supreme Court has entered several Administrative Orders to address the scheduling of hearings and court operations and procedures, but filing deadlines have not changed. Individual judicial officers may extend certain time limits in court rules for good cause. See the Court’s Administrative Orders issued in 2020 online at www.azcourts.gov/orders/Administrative-Orders-Index/2020-Administrative-Orders.
I have a filing deadline in my case. How can I file?
You may be able to electronically file, file by mail, file through an internal or external filing depository box at the courthouse, or file in person. Check your court's website for specifics or contact the court assigned to your case for more information.
What if I need to obtain copies of documents in my case?
You may be able to access documents through the eAccess online service at: azcourts.gov/eaccess

Individual courts may be able to arrange payment and mailing of copies.
What if I need to pay a fine or fee?
In addition to paying at the courthouse, participating courts allow payments online at: azcourtpay.com
From this website, individuals can also print a barcode and use it to pay cash at participating PayNearMe retailers, including 7-Eleven and Family Dollar. For other arrangements contact the court assigned to your case.
I have been affected by COVID-19 and cannot pay rent. Can I be evicted?
On March 24, 2020, Governor Ducey issued an Executive Order that allows tenants who are affected by COVID-19 to qualify for a postponement or delay in the enforcement of an eviction order. To qualify, a tenant must complete and provide a Notice and related documents to the landlord or property manager. A Notice form that can be used as part of this process is available at: azcourts.gov.selfservicecenter/Landlord-Tenant-Disputes-Eviction-Actions

Tenants are advised to keep a copy of the Notice and other related documents to show any peace officer or constable who comes to the residence to enforce an eviction order. The governor’s executive order is effective until mid-July 2020 and does not change the landlord/tenant lease agreement. A Rental Eviction Prevention Assistance Program became available on 3/30/2020 for Arizonans struggling to pay rent because of COVID-19.

For more information, please visit: housing.az.gov/general-public/eviction-prevention-assistance

For a list with links to housing resources see: https://coconino.az.gov/DocumentCenter/View/36500/housing-resources