On behalf of the State Board’s Continuing Education Committee, the FCRB is excited to continue the Self-Assessment process with our Board Members, which will become part of FCRB standard practice.  The Self-Assessment process was developed by a State Board subcommittee and approved by the State Board’s Continuing Education Committee. 

Self-Assessment is a solution focused process that ensures that necessary supports and resources are in place for Board Members and Program Specialists: 

  • To conduct quality reviews
  • To work in a collaborative and responsive environment
  • To address mutually identified objectives that advance the overall functioning of the Board 
Self Assessment involves Board Members and their Program Specialists completing assessment tools that will provide assistance in gauging how the Board operates; discussing the results of these tools in an open forum with the Program Specialist and their Supervisor; and developing an Action Plan to implement agreed upon objectives. Each Program Specialist has been asked to conduct a Self-Assessment with two of their Boards this year, which will occur from March through October 2016; other boards will be added next year. 

The month prior to the Self-Assessment, your Program Specialist will discuss the details around this process during the Board’s Administrative Business, including introducing the assessment tool you will be asked to complete. This will provide the Board with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss how the day will be scheduled.

Please click on the following link to view the FCRB Board Member Assessment.

 PHOENIX (MC=Maricopa)
April   August
MC11 4/04/16   MC03 8/03/16
MC23 4/07/16   MC56 8/24/16
MC38 4/07/16   MC09 8/23/16
MC16 4/14/16  

MC42 4/20/16      
May   September
MC49 5/02/16   MC55 9/02/16
MC15 5/13/16   MC12 9/08/16
MC61 5/19/16   MC46 9/12/16

  MC59 9/20/16

  MC60 9/29/16
June   October
MC25 6/01/16   MC31 10/03/16
MC07 6/08/16   MC37 10/06/16
MC14 6/13/16   MC29 10/11/16
MC53 6/14/16   MC47 10/26/16
MC01 6/14/16   MC32 10/27/16
MC10 7/05/16  

MC02 7/18/16  

MC27 7/13/16  

 TUCSON (PI=Pima, PN=Pinal)
PI12 4/08/16   PI27 8/03/16
PI19 4/19/16   PN05 8/05/16
PI23 4/27/16   PI06 8/16/16
PI26 5/06/16   PI14 9/23/16
PI28 5/13/16   PI29 9/15/16
PN06 5/13/16      
PI05 5/19/16      
PI08 5/24/16      
PI25 5/25/16      
PI20 6/02/16  

PI11 6/07/16  

PI02 6/07/16  

PI09 6/15/16