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Monthly Population Data

The Legislature provides funding for probation departments based upon active probation populations. This site provides users with Monthly Active Population information for the state as well as individual departments.

Active Probationer is defined as a probationer that has been placed on probation (either JIPS or Standard) and is actively being supervised by the department.

Active Totals reflect cumulative totals for each month and are determined by the following:

  • Total number of probationers on the first day of the month
  • Subtract all cases on Administrative Status for the month
  • Subtract all cases on Warrant Status greater than 90 days for the month
  • Add all new cases for the month


Monthly Data Reports (FY20-FY24)

Probation Population Population Graph
FY24 FY24
FY23 FY23
FY22 FY22
FY21 FY21
FY20 FY20