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The Research and Reporting Unit produces objective research and statistics to assist the Division, as well as the State, in making data informed decisions and identifying best practices. On a continual basis, the Unit gathers, analyzes, and publishes statistical information and research about the youth who are processed through the Juvenile Court system. This work varies from validation studies, trend analyses, capacity calculations, to performance measures and more. These pieces of work serve to inform the Division, various Court leadership, and at times the public, on matters related to juvenile justice activities funded by the State. It also guides policy, practice, and resource allocation. In addition, the Unit answers day-to-day statistical and research-related questions posed by leadership and other critical stakeholders, such as the Governor's Office and Legislature.

To accomplish all of these tasks staff utilize data from multiple systems including AZYAS, JOLTSaz and extracts from the Maricopa iCIS system. The Unit also supports County Probation Departments in accessing their respective county data and performing research by developing and deploying various ad hoc statistical reports. These reports are in both Crystal and SQL Server Reporting Services. Lastly, the Research and Reporting Unit supports research efforts conducted by qualified outside entities who are offering empirical contributions to best practices and delinquency prevention. All data requests and research activities that access juvenile probation data are processed through the Unit. The Unit takes great care in processing these requests and overseeing projects that have been granted to ensure all related activities protect the rights and well-being of our youth and adhere to Arizona Statute and Rules of the Court.


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Juvenile Justice Data Dashboards:

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Arizona Juvenile Court Counts – Juveniles with Referrals


This dashboard contains information from the “Arizona Juvenile Courts Counts” publications. The data is specific to the number of juveniles referred to the Juvenile Court each year, not the total number of referrals received. Any reference to any offense related data relates to the juvenile’s first referral of the specified Fiscal Year.

For more information regarding reporting methodology, etc., please refer to the "Arizona Juvenile Court Counts" documents, which can be accessed from the Publications & Reports page.

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For more information, please contact:

Amy Stuart
Research Manager

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Additional Staff:

Bill Hughes
Data Specialist

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Angela Rhudy
Administrative Assistant

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Jacob Forston
Statistical Specialist

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