Automation & Research

The Automation & Research Unit is a part of the Juvenile Justice Services Division (JJSD) at the Arizona Supreme Court. This unit serves as the chief point of contact for all of the Juvenile Automation Systems which includes planning, project roll-outs, training, testing, and application support. As part of Probation Automation, this unit also works in conjunction with the Information Technology Department (ITD) to provide on-going application support for and enhancement for the Juvenile Online Tracking System (JOLTSaz), a Statewide Identifier (SWID), Arizona Youth Assessment System (AZYAS), and Court Appointed Special Advocate system (CASAaz).

The Automation & Research Unit also provides objective research and statistics to assist the Division, as well as the state in making data driven decisions. The unit gathers, analyzes and publishes statistical information and research about the youth who are processed through the Juvenile Court system to include validation studies, trend analyses, capacity calculations and performance measures. All data requests and research activities that access juvenile probation data are processed through this unit.

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