Appellate Court Vacancies

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The Arizona Judicial Branch is a place you can gain experience in and out of the courtroom, build your network, and enjoy the personal and professional benefits that come from choosing a career in the public sector. And you can do it in the fastest-growing county in the nation. There's important work to be done. Join us and you'll be among those doing it.

Find judicial law clerk openings and opportunities with Arizona's two intermediate appellate courts (Division One in Phoenix and Division Two in Tucson), which hear appeals from superior courts.

Appellate Court judges are appointed through the merit selection process. Merit selection is a way of choosing judges that uses nonpartisan commissions to investigate and evaluate applicants for judgeships. The commissions then submit the names of at least three highly qualified applicants to the Governor. The Governor appoints appellate court judges statewide from lists of nominees submitted by the judicial nominating commissions. Visit the Judicial Nominating Commission's website to learn more about the Merit Selection process.
Court/Office Location Availability
Arizona Supreme Court Phoenix None at this time
Court of Appeals (Division One) Phoenix None at this time
Court of Appeals (Division Two) Tucson None at this time
Clerk's Office Phoenix None at this time
Judicial Law Clerks Phoenix Yes