Arizona Judicial Branch

Court Operations Unit

The Court Operations Unit supports the mission of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and the Court Services Division by providing administrative supervision and assistance in the form of structured evaluations and technical support services to Arizona courts.  Evaluation services are provided through the administration of Court Operational Review Evaluations (CORE) and external financial audits, as well as the collection and review of Minimum Accounting Standards (MAS) checklists from all courts in the state.  The objectives of the Court Operations Unit are to:
  • Identify areas for improvement in the limited jurisdiction courts
  • Provide operational assistance
  • Assist the courts with financial management issues
  • Monitor compliance of MAS

Operational Reviews (CORE)

Common Findings  

Guidelines for Submittal of Arizona Traffic Ticket and Complaint Forms (ATTC)

Financial Management Resources 

Surcharge Guide- Effective until 12/31/2014

Surcharge Guide- Effective 1/1/2015

Poverty Guidelines  

State Remittance Guide Sheet