This webpage provides answers and materials related to recommendations made by the Arizona Supreme Court’s Task Force on the Delivery of Legal Services. In addition to Arizona’s work in this area, improving access to legal services is a national concern. See the statement from the Conference of Chief Justices and the resolution from the American Bar Association.

By unanimous vote, the Arizona Supreme Court adopted far-reaching changes to the regulation of the practice of law on August 27, 2020. See the links under “ACJA Changes” below for how code sections will implement the rule changes. 

See the order for R-20-0034 (Legal Paraprofessionals and Alternative Business Structures).

See the materials under development for Alternative Business Structure License Applications (NOT FOR SUBMISSION) Draft Application Materials for Alternative Business Structures.

See the order for R-20-0030 (Lawyer advertising, referrals and other).

Read the Task Force’s final Report and Recommendations

The Task Force filed petitions to modify court rules to implement its recommendations. See petitions R-20-0007, R-20-0030, and R-20-0034.

Public comment to the proposed rule changes to implement the Task Force’s recommendations is welcome.

The Arizona Code of Judicial Administration (ACJA) is a compilation of policies and procedures the Arizona Supreme Court approves for the administration of all Arizona courts.

ACJA 7-209 Alternative Business Structures >
ACJA 7-210 Legal Paraprofessional >