March 2018

No. 1       Review and Approve October 2017 ARC minutes

No. 2       Subcommittee Update on Proposed Rule Amendments:

o   Rule 34      Admission on Motion- Active Practice Determination and Application Process

o   Rule 35      Examination Requirements-Permission to Write and Accommodation Requests

o   Rule 38      Subcommittee Updates

o   Rule 49      Proposed Petition Regarding Discipline Information

No. 3       Proposed Rule Change Petitions: (open links to review petitions and additional materials filed)

o   R-18-0025   Board of Legal Specialization Program

o   R-18-0004   Amend Rule 31 to improve access to justice for small business

o   R-17-0031   Tribal governments and Arizona child custody proceedings

o   R-18-0006   Attorney Ethics Advisory Committee

o   R-17-0035   Amend Rule 49 regarding posting of probation on State Bar website

o   R-17-0055   Amend Rules 47, 48 and 58

o   R-18-0009   Amend ER 1.2, Rule 42

o   R-17-0053   Amend Rule 37(d) Refund

o   R-17-0048   Amend Rule 34(f) Admission on Motion

o   R-17-0044   Petitioner Jack Levine proposes changes to trust account procedures

o   R-18-0013   Providing new exception under Rule 38 for attys representing tribes in AZ ICWA 

o   R-18-0014   Clarifying appointment and the functions of Chief Bar Counsel

o   R-18-0015   State Bar Executive Director authority to waive bar dues for personal hardship

No. 4    Proactive Management Based Regulation and Foreign Lawyer Admission           

No. 5    Discussion of Annual Report Draft