March 08, 2022 Meeting Materials

No. 1   Review and Approve September 14, 2021 Minutes   


No. 2   Discussion and Possible Action on Rule Change Petitions

            R-21-0041 Amend Rule 42 (ER 1.2) 

            R-21-0047 Amend Rule 42.1                                                                                                              

            R-21-0049 Amend Rule 55(b)(2)(c)

            R-22-0013 Amend Rule 38                                                                             

            R-22-0016 Amend Rule 32                                                                                                  

            R-22-0020 Amend Rules 34, 35, and 36                                                                         

            R-22-0022 New ER 1.5(f))


No. 3    Update and Report on PMBR
            (Materials also provided for September Meeting)

             ARCD PMBER Data
             NOBC PMBR FAQS

             PMBR CCJ 104

             SBA LOMP Self-Assessment


No. 4     Discussion and Update regarding:                                                                                          

              February 2022 Bar Exam              


No. 5     Update and draft on 2021 ARC Report