April 2019

No. 1  Review and Approve March 13, 2019 Minutes

No. 2 Presentation on R-19-0010 by Sandra Day O’Connor and James E. Rogers Colleges of Law 

No. 3 Discussion and Possible Action on proposed Rule Change Petition comments/responses 

o R-18-0024  Findings re disciplinary actions where need to show rehabilitation

 Draft Comment

R-19-0004 Rule 38(f) permission to sit for the Uniform Bar Examination 

  . Draft Comment

o R-19-0010 Disclosure of applicant-specific examination information to law schools 

o R-19-0011 ARC Petition re Rules 38, 39 & abrogation of Rule 40 

o R-19-0026 Scope of public access to state bar records 

Draft Comment

o R-19-0030 Petition to Amend Rule 43 

Proposed Comment of the State Bar of Arizona 

No. 4 Discussion and Possible Action on Draft 2018 ARC Report 

No. 5 Possible May Meeting 

o Thursday, May 9 at 1:00 pm or
o Monday, May 13 at 9:30 am

No. 6 New Business