September 2019

No. 1   Review and Approve June 12, 2019 Minutes                                               

No. 2   The Task Force on Delivery of Legal Services Report                                 

No. 3   Discussion and Possible Future Action on Proposed Rule Amendments                                           

  o Proactive Management Based Regulation             

     CCJ Resolution                   

    Colorado Consolidated Lawyer Self-Assessment                                         

    o  Amendments to Rules 7.1-7.5 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct           

No. 4   Update and Report on Supreme Court Rule Amendments                                                           

  o   R-18-0024 Amending Rule 64(f)(1)(B) – Bar counsel findings re the need to show rehabilitation

   o   R-19-0004 Amending Rule 34(b)(1)(D) – Rule 38(f) practice permission to sit for UBE

   o   R-19-0010 Amending Rule 37(c) –Applicant-specific exam information disclosure to law schools

o  R-19-0011 Amending Rules 38 & 39, and Abrogation of Rule 40 – ARC Petition

           ASU/UA Comment

   o   R-19-0026 Amending Rule 70 – Scope of public access to state bar records

   o  R-19-0030 Amending Rule 43 – Trust account record-keeping requirements

No. 5   New Business                                                                                                                                      

    o  Proposed 2020 Meeting Dates                                                                        

     o Updates to Member Contact Information                                                                              

No. 6    Call to Public