How to Apply for Admission

To be admitted to the practice to law in Arizona, you must successfully complete:

 1.  BAR EXAMINATION (MPT, MBE and Essay) and, at a separate time, the MPRE. 

BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO ACCESS THE APPLICATION SYSTEM PRINT the Navigation Tips pdf(s) below to assist with login:

NEW USER NAVIGATION TIPS - Create new account and starting new application. If you never accessed the previous system or if you created a contact in the old system but did not start an application, you are a New User.

RETURNING USER NAVIGATION TIPS - Checking status or continuing application/admission process. If you previously filed an exam application or previously started any Arizona Admissions application, you are a Returning User. 

Application for the February exam is closed. Application for the July exam will open January 15.

Click here to complete the online bar examination application

NOTE: If there are any deficiencies in your application, fees, or supporting documents, which are not satisfied in full by the filing deadline, your application will be withdrawn and you will be ineligible to write the examination pursuant to Rule 34(e).

Information regarding fees and examination dates is listed on the online application, as well as instructions on how to complete the form and explanation of the required supporting documents.

Application period for the February examination will begin August 15.
Application period for the July examination will begin January 15.

2. BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION                     

As of October 2, 2009, the Character Report form has changed. Submissions of the previous form or new form will be accepted by the Committee on Character & Fitness.  

This requires you to complete a “Character Report”. 

It is NOT required to be filed with your Application for Admission.  You can write the bar examination without having filed your Character Report.  There is not a filing deadline for your Character Report, nor late fee assessment. 

You need to allow minimally three to four months for processing of your Character Report, and then final review by the Court. The total time frame required is unique to each applicant and dependent upon issues arising during the background check. 

Instructions on how to complete are included.  

Click Here to submit the "Character Report" online. (See NAVIGATION TIPS above first)

The Character Report may not be submitted prior to the application for examination.  

Committee on Examinations, Committee on Character and Fitness
Supreme Court of Arizona
Administrative Office of the Courts
1501 W. Washington, Suite 104,  Phoenix, AZ 85007-3222
(602) 452-3971