Court Implementations and Projects


In a continuing effort to increase the high quality of partnership between the AOC and the state’s courts, the Consolidated Collection Unit (CCU) has published these enrollment documents in order to set a standard that provides consistency and project life cycle implementation to the process. These materials communicate the steps necessary for a court to become integrated with the FARE Program and allows their CMS to interface with all of FARE services, including:

  • Traffic Ticket Enforcement Assistance Program (TTEAP) for MVD registration hold    
  • Debt Setoff (DSO) of Arizona State tax refunds
  • Lottery Intercept of Arizona Lottery winnings
  • Event Wagering/Fantasy Sports winnings from the Arizona Dept. of Gaming

Effective partnerships with courts in the State of Arizona are our priority as we work towards our goal of enforcement of monetary court orders.              

Secure Logins for Courts Currently in Implementation

Secure Logins for Projects