Board Members

Pursuant to Rule 94.1(c) the board shall be comprised of seven members appointed by the chief justice for three-year terms.


Marcus Reinkensmeyer, CHAIR
Deputy Administrative Director
Current Term: 11/10/2021- 11/30/2023

Phil Hanley
Public Member
Current Term: 12/1/2022- 6/30/2024

Michael Jeanes
Former Clerk of Superior Court
Current Term: 12/3/2022- 6/30/2024

Hon. Donna McQuality
Clerk of the Superior Court
Current Term: 3/10/2021- 11/30/2023

Patricia Munoz
Public Member
Current Term: 1/1/2022- 12/31/2024

Debi Schaefer
Public Member
Current Term: 1/19/2022- 12/31/2024

Hon. Sally Simmons (ret.)
Former Presiding Superior Court Judge
Current Term: 12/1/2022- 6/30/2024

Emma Morgan
Arizona Supreme Court Building
1501 W. Washington Street, Suite 221
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone: (602) 452-3130
E-Mail: [email protected]