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Forms & Documents for Schools and Instructors

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Address Change and Directory Information
Authorization Release and Affirmation Statement
Change Request Form & Fee Information
Extension Allowance
List of Acceptable Residency; Citizenship Documents
List of Eligible Violations
Request for Hearing - Denial


DDTS Account Settings

DDTS Court User Manual
DDTS School User Manual 2015
DDTS User Access Request Form - When requesting user access for DDTS, please submit a User Access Request Form (UARF).

DD Change of Contact Information
DD Website Monitoring Form
Criteria For Monitoring DD School's Websites



Defensive Driving School Application Instructions
School Member Application
2023-2025 Defensive Driving Renewal Cycle FAQ
Change of School Information
Change of School Information - Fillable Form
DD School A&R and DP Ackn-Initial

Acknowledgement of Designated Principal Renewal
Conflict of Interest, Indemnification Statement and Authorization and Release

Defensive Driving Schools Request for Inactive Status


*You must pass the examination before applying for instructor certification*

Study Guide
2023 Exam Schedule & Registration

2024 Exam Schedule & Registration
Good Cause Exception Request Form
Continuing Education Submission Form
Continuing Education Extension Form - For instructors only
Defensive Driving Instructor Application Instructions
2023-2025 Defensive Driving Renewal Cycle FAQ
DD Instructor CE Checklist

DD Instructor FAQ
DD Instructor Authorization and Release - Initial
DD Instructor Authorization and Release - Renewal
Defensive Driving Instructor Request for Inactive Status
Police Instructor Waiver - Documentation required for a Law Enforcement Officer to become a certified Defensive Driving School Instructor.


Reference Documents

ADA Toolkit: Chapter 1, Statutes & Regulations
ACJA 7-201
ACJA 7-205
ACJA 1-401; Minimum Accounting Standards
Arizona Revised Statutes