The eFileAZ application is available for electronic filing as follows:


I = Case Initiation Filings
S = Subsequent Case Filings
I / S = Case Initiation Filings and Subsequent Case Filings
= eFiling NOT Available




Apache I / S S S I / S S S
Cochise I / S S S I / S S S
Coconino I / S S S I / S S S
Gila I / S S S I / S S S
Graham I / S S S I / S S S
Greenlee I / S S S I / S S S
La Paz I / S S S I / S S S
Maricopa I / S I / S
Mohave I / S S S I / S S S
Navajo I / S S S I / S S S
Pima I / S S I / S
Pinal I / S S S I / S S S
Santa Cruz I / S S S I / S S S
Yavapai I / S S S I / S S S
Yuma I / S S I / S S S

Last Updated: 05-16-2022

Due to COVID-19, the AOC is working to expand efiling to support additional case types. More information regarding the support of additional case types will be posted as it becomes available. In preparation for the upcoming expansion, filers are encouraged to register for an account by clicking on the eFileAZ icon above.

The Arizona Supreme court is working to implement efiling for all courts and case types in Arizona. Enhancements to the current application are ongoing and designed to make the efiling experience easy-to-use and efficient for all efiling needs.  Announcements and information regarding new enhancements and the availability of new case types are sent out through efiling system notifications and this website.  


To access the application or register for an account, please visit eFileAZ.


Features and benefits of eFileAZ

  • File from your computer anytime, anywhere
  • Easy-to-navigate interface from which documents are submitted directly to the Court
  • Ability to use one or many email addresses for all users in an organization
  • Secure payment site for court filing fees and user fees
  • Payment token registration
  • Quick access to view and download case documents on cases into which you have efiled
  • Easy management of organization accounts
  • Ability to set up proxies
  • Electronic service
  • Single registration for all counties and case types (as they become available)
  • Multiple training options
  • Enhanced reporting and financial reconciliation

Registration Information

Training Videos

For more information on training, please contact the AOC Support Center at 602-452-3519 or 800-720-7743 or email support at: [email protected].


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