Continuing Education for Court Interpreters

Continuing Education Requirements for Credentialed Court Interpreters

Interpreting for limited-English-proficient (LEP) persons and court personnel is fundamentally related to the swift, effective, impartial, and meaningful administration of justice. Court interpreters are required to demonstrate a basic level of competence in all modes of interpreting to become credentialed in Arizona. Ongoing, continuing education is a means to ensure credentialed court interpreters maintain continuing competence in the field of court interpreting after becoming credentialed. Continuing education also provides opportunities for credentialed court interpreters to stay abreast of developments in the court interpreting and legal professions and the Arizona justice system. Arizona Code of Judicial Administration (ACJA) § 7-301 was adopted to promote continuing professional development of interpreters credentialed by the Arizona Court Interpreter Credentialing Program (ACICP).



The continuing education requirements described in ACJA § 7-301 apply to all interpreters who have been granted any tier of ACICP credential regardless of their working language or status as a staff or freelance interpreter. 

  1. All credentialed court interpreters must attend and complete at least twenty (20) credit hours of approved continuing education every two (2) years, between the period of January 1st in odd-numbered years and December 31st in even-numbered years.
  2. Of the twenty (20) credit hours of continuing education required per compliance period, at least two (2) credit hours must be categorized as approved ethics training specific to court interpreters. Ethics training that is not specific to court interpreters does not satisfy the ethics requirement.
  3. Court Staff Interpreters:  Note that this new requirement does NOT increase the number of required COJET hours. Credentialed court interpreters may request that continuing education completed pursuant to the interpreter continuing education requirements be applied to their annual COJET requirements pursuant to their local court’s existing procedures.


Responsibilities of Credentialed Court Interpreters

  1. Credentialed court interpreter must complete the required hours and maintain related documentation.
  2. Credentialed court interpreters must submit the Affidavit of Compliance which will be made available prior to the end of the compliance period, but no later than December 31st of even numbered years. The ACICP will contact all credentialed interpreters with instructions when the Affidavit of Compliance is available for the compliance period ending December 31, 2024. 
  3. Respond to requests for additional documentation or information as may be requested by ACICP staff.
  4. Continuing education not recognized for credit does not in any way relieve the credentialed court interpreter of the responsibility to complete the required number of credit hours of continuing education for the compliance period.


Compliance Documention

ACICP encourages credentialed interpreters to document and track all continuing education activities completed during the compliance period in the event their compliance is audited. The following documents are provided by ACICP to assist credentialed interpreters with this process.

  1.  OPTIONAL WORKSHEET: Continuing Education for ACICP-Credentialed Interpreters Worksheet
  2.  RECOMMENDED LOG: Self-Study and Asynchronous Activities Log
  3.  RECOMMENDED LOG: Mentorship Activities Log


More Information

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