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Before you ask for an Order of Protection, know how SERVICE works in Arizona
Do you know how service works in Arizona?

Service is when a copy of the petition and the order are personally delivered to the person from whom you want to be protected (the defendant). Arizona law about serving an Order of Protection has changed. Please read important information on this page before you file.


If the judge grants your petition, the court will send the Order of Protection and a copy of the petition out for service TODAY, unless the court delays it. The court cannot delay sending the order out for service for more than 72 hours.

About Service

The order will be served by the police or a constable as soon as they can find the defendant. The agency closest to the defendant's address will be assigned to serve the Order of Protection. Service of an Order of Protection is free.

Safety Plan

An Order of Protection cannot guarantee your safety, but it may be part of an effective safety plan. If the court issues an Order of Protection today, it will be sent out for service quickly. To talk to a victim advocate before filing your petition, ask the clerk if a victim advocate is available.

Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence

The Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence (ACESDV) can provide safety planning information. Call them at 602-279-2900, 800-782-6400, or TTY 602-279-7270.

Unsure About Filing Today?

If you’re not sure about filing your petition today, please know you can come back to any Arizona court to file a petition later. This will give you time to talk to an advocate about a safety plan or seek advice from a legal advocate. (Go to AZCourtHelp.org for information about legal help).

Ready to File?

If you’re ready to file your petition today—knowing that an Order of Protection will be sent out for service today or within 72 hours—please tell the clerk so a court hearing can be set up for you.