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Landlord and Tenant Obligations
What is the Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act?

If you rent a house or an apartment in Arizona, the law that applies to you is called the Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act (ARLTA). This law lists all of the obligations a landlord and a tenant have. If the landlord or tenant is not complying with one or more of these obligations, the landlord and tenant have remedies.

But the landlord can’t just kick out the tenant, change the locks, or turn off the utilities. The landlord must follow all the steps the law says must be taken. And the tenant should not just stop paying the rent unless the tenant first follows all the steps the law says must be taken. It is important to know what ARLTA says so landlords and tenants know how to proceed.

The landlord is required to...   The tenant is required to...
Give the tenant a copy of the lease. (ARS § 33-1322(E).)   Follow the rules and regulations of the lease, the city, or an HOA. (ARS § 33-1342.)
Notify the tenant where to find a copy of ARLTA.   Permit reasonable access to the home.
Provide a move-in inspection form. (ARS § 33-1321(C).)   Use premises solely as dwelling unit. (ARS § 33-1344.)
Tell the tenant which utilities will be provided. (ARS § 33-1364(B).)   Turn on and maintain the utilities, as provided in the lease. (ARS § 33-1364(B).)
Deliver the unit when the lease starts. (ARS § 33-1323.)   Pay the rent when it is due without demand or notice. (ARS § 33-1314)
Collect rental taxes, if applicable. (ARS § 33-1314(E).)   Rent is due on the first unless otherwise agreed.
Tell the tenant the name and address of person authorized to receive service. (ARS § 33-1322.) This information is usually in the lease. Don’t confuse the realtor or manager with the landlord.   Rent should be paid at the location agreed to in the lease. If there is no agreement, payment is made at the dwelling.
    Rent should include the rental tax, if applicable.
The landlord must maintain fit premises and...   The tenant must maintain fit premises and...
Maintain all services and appliances in good and safe working order.   Comply with building codes that affect health and safety.
Keep the common areas clean and safe.   Keep the dwelling in clean and safe condition.
Make all repairs to keep the property fit and habitable.   Dispose of trash in a safe manner.
Provide and maintain trash receptacles.   Keep plumbing in clean condition.
The landlord must properly deal with security deposits but not until the end of lease. (ARS § 33-1321.)   Let the landlord know when something needs repair. (ARS § 33-1341)
Even though the tenant pays for it, the landlord must supply a properly working water heater and cooling/heating system.   Not destroy the premises or permit others to do so.
    Not disturb others’ peaceful enjoyment.
The landlord cannot just come into the property. He or she must give tenant 2 days’ notice in writing before going in (unless there is an emergency or tenant requests a repair). (ARS § 33-1343.)   Use services and appliances in a reasonable manner.