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Landlord/Tenant Disputes & Eviction Actions
Resolving a case when the rental agreement is breached.

An eviction action is a claim filed by a landlord against a tenant for possession of a rental property. These lawsuits are designed to resolve cases in which a tenant has breached a rental agreement. The total amount that may be claimed in an eviction action filed in a justice court is $10,000.00, not including interest, costs and awarded attorneys’ fees.

Eviction actions must be filed in the jurisdiction in which the rental property is located.

For frequently asked questions and information about the eviction process and form criteria, please go to AZCourtHelp.org.

New laws regarding eviction actions are effective September 24, 2022.

The first new law eliminates the fee for filing an answer to a complaint for forcible entry or detainer (eviction action).

The second new law, ARS § 33-1379, requires a court to seal eviction case records when (1) the court dismisses an eviction action prior to the entry of judgment, (2) the court enters judgment in favor of the tenant, or (3) the parties file a written stipulation to set aside an order of eviction and seal the eviction case file. Under this law, sealed records include all records relating to the action that are maintained by the court, including the complaint, any other pleading, proof of service, any findings and orders of the court, and all papers, records, proceedings and evidence, including exhibits and transcripts of testimony. Records sealed under this law may be made available only to the parties, an attorney who has made an appearance in the case, the court, and the clerk of court or department responsible for maintaining records.
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