2016 Administrative Directives

 Order No.  2016 Administrative Order Description   Date Signed 
2016-01 Interpreter Credentialing Program Policies 
2016-02 Use of Electronic Document Storage Resources by Supreme Court Employees    2/8/16 
2016-03 Re-establishing the Juvenile Detention Operations Standards Advisory Committee and Appointment of Members   3/7/16 
2016-04 Waiver of Chief Probation Officer Minimum Hiring Requirements for the LaPaz County Probation Department    5/27/16 
2016-05 Pilot Project in the Peoria Municipal Court - Protective Order General Petition   10/3/16 
2016-06 Modification of Civil Cover Sheet Form (Amending Administrative Directive No. 2015-21)   11/10/16 
2016-07 Adopting the Recommendations of the Detention Operations Standards Advisory Committee to the Arizona Juvenile Detention Operations Standards            12/19/16