2024 Administrative Directives

 Order No.  2024 Administrative Directive Description Date Signed 
2024-01 Modification of Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure Forms 01/05/2024
2024-02 Vacating Eligible Unpaid Monetary Obligations in Juvenile Matters 01/16/2024
2024-03 Adoption of the Inmate Release Court (IRC) Program Participation Agreement Form 03/20/2024
2024-04 Policies and Procedures for Statewide Global Position System Monitoring Program (Replacing Administrative Directive No. 2023-02) 04/05/2024
2024-05 Order Regarding Involuntary Commitment Under A.R.S. § 13-4521 04/17/2024
2024-06 Amendments to the Arizona Juvenile Detention Operations Standards Recommended by the Detention Operations Standards Advisory Committee (Replacing Administrative Directive No.2021-13) 6/4/2024