Arizona Judicial Branch

2018 Administrative Directives

 Order No.  2018 Administrative Directives Date Signed 
2018-01 Waiver of Chief Probation Officer Minimum Hiring Requirements for the Navajo County Probation Department  02/05/18
2018-02 Re-Authorizing the Juvenile Detention Operations Standards Advisory Committee and Appointment of Members  02/12/18 
2018-03 Designation of Pilot Courts for Small Claims Pilot Program 03/12/18 
2018-04 Authorizing a New Section of the Juvenile Detention Operations Standard: I A 8 - Juvenile Contact with Law Enforcement  05/02/18 
2018-05 Modification of Civil Cover Sheet Form (Amending Administrative Directive No. 2016-06) 06/07/18 
2018-06 Court Authorized Removal  06/12/18